10 Things Women Should Stop Doing

Women are exposed to statements and clichés, concealed as advice, dictating how we should live to be accepted. We are often halted from following our dreams, from aiming higher than our boundaries, and from voicing out our opinions. There is always someone telling us what to do with our lives.

Fit In?

Women are expected to switch coats quite often because they got to fit into the pre-dictated notion. She has to make herself smaller to sneak into that tiny space she’s offered, for acceptance.

Not Changing is Choosing!

You can choose what comes and stays in your life. You created the reality around you. The sooner you realize this, the better your life reflects prosperity.

She Bleeds

She is often told – “you are not supposed to talk about this loud”, but not talking about it makes me feel illegal. I don’t want the pain to go unseen and unheard.

CBG - Megha Purushan


A media professional, a daughter, a wife, a woman! I’m Megha Purushan. I spend most of my time thinking about how things could have been different for women, which lead me to write and build a space for women to talk real and related stuff. Candid Brown Girl is a space created for women by a voice rooted to South Asian community. I’m sure you will find more than one piece of article in this blog that depicts a part of your life.

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