You cannot be fat,
You cannot be lean,
You cannot be dark,
You cannot be short,
You cannot be strong,
You cannot be different,
Says the world – You cannot be YOU!


Every day is a struggle to become someone you are not.
You are not accepted the way you are – with a subtle thought.

He is the wealth, She is a responsibility –
Society feels pity and a man loves you only because you are pretty!

You learn the chore, soak the floor, drain the dirty laundry –
You wash the dishes while he slides dirty crockery

He does no chop-chop because he is a man.
Society says You should – Because YOU CAN!

You are wrong! You are no strong!
Your dream is unseen and unheard like a silent song.

You cannot be late, cannot pick a date –
Why does it always take a man to decide your fate?

They shred your dreams and drain your essence –
You hide your wings only in their presence.

One cannot measure beauty and perfection!
Yet your life is full of judgment and rejection?

You are the moon with spots and texture –
You turn blue, you turn wine – yet so beautiful with all fine-line

You are the giver of life, you are the giver of light
You rise like a full moon – divine and bright!

You are so beautiful with marks and scars.
Before the world does, you should accept YOURSELF the way you are!


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  1. Thank you for sharing this with me. I feel connected to every line girl

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  2. So beautifully scripted

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