She Bleeds


“You are not supposed to talk about this loud”.
But not talking about it makes me feel illegal. I don’t want the pain to go unseen and unheard. Yes, she bleeds 4-7days every month for the next 30-40 years of her life. It’s biological since the existence of womankind and is as natural as you breathe. Whether she chooses it or not, she is the only source of life for our species. People don’t want to talk about it because it is a too personal, unhygienic, nasty process. What people want to talk about? – pornification of women, sexualization of women, violence, and degradation of women.

She is so hesitant to say it loud “I’m on my periods” as men don’t understand it and society doesn’t accept it. She has to whisper to her friend – Do you have Pad? And then wrap the pad and cover it clean, hide it in the bottom of her bag, and not let anyone see it. Sneaking out pad is no different from sneaking out guns and drugs. It’s the same process. Makes it feel illegal!

84% of women experience extreme pain, cramps, and heavy bleeding during their periods. but, is she eligible to get these four days of rest she deserves? No. There is no take or official holidays dedicated to women on periods. She has to travel, work, study no matter what and I’m so proud she somehow does it too. This is just the first instance of a woman putting everything first except herself.

She is PMSing! Is a way to bully her mood swings as she is happy-angry-sad at the same time. She feels embarrassed and ashamed of her 🩸 bleeding in an unplanned situation because this society easily accepts bloodshed that comes from violence far better than a woman’s menstrual blood.

Consciously she is worried about leakage throughout the day and even in her sleep. Her pain begins from the abdomen, continues through the vagina to her knees, shin, nerves, and veins. Mood swings, anxiety, depression, tiredness, fatigue, physical pain, bloating, vomiting and the list goes on… and yet she hides all of this because there is no acceptance of this existence.

Like the moon
Like the tide
Like the seasons
She cycles, shifts, change
We show up for the good