Not Changing is Choosing!

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What you’re not changing, you’re choosing!

I heard this from someone and it actually blew my mind. It changed my perception of life. It made me get over the comfort zone that never benefited me.

What you’re not changing is what you’re choosing for yourself. if there is something in your life you are unhappy with – may it be your job, or how you let someone treat you, your habits, your unhealthy lifestyle, or any little things you are unhappy with. Every day you wake up and make a choice to live with it because it is easy. You are actively choosing to live with it.

You can choose what comes and stays in your life. You created the reality around you. The sooner you realize this, the better your life reflects prosperity.

I know change is hard. It’s uncomfortable to convince yourself to open that door and go for a walk, to switch to healthy eating, to say no, to put yourself first, or to voice up your opinion. It takes effort to change what’s going fine even though it is not what you want. You just choose to live with it. So you are now living a comfortable unhappy life!

Change is scarier than the discomfort of being unhappy. Everything in your reality, you are not changing is what you are choosing for yourself. It is more convincing for you to just blame it on someone for things you’ve missed but the fact is you chose to live with the decision they made for you and some you made for yourself. The irony is change isn’t hard as you think, it just takes one strong decision to have that shift from what you have to what to really want.

You are your only limit. Your choices are the biggest factor in your growth. Today make a promise to take accountability for your life. Make that career change, change up your routine, switch things up to be the way you want things to be. The day you realize you’re in charge of everything that happens to you will be the start of a successful and happy life.

– Candidbrowngirl

What you’re not changing, you’re choosing!

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