Fit In?

She abandons her authentic self in an attempt to fit in.

Women are expected to switch coats quite often because they got to fit into the pre-dictated notion. She has to make herself smaller to sneak into that tiny space she’s offered, for acceptance. “She has to be a certain way, know certain skills, have certain etiquette. She cannot be powerful or dangerous. She cannot have financial stability or have higher education than the man. She has to be traditional, take responsibility to feed everyone, Keep her priorities aside and focus on what more to give. How much she can give and live for others defines if she is worthy!”

Sounds hopeless. Right?

The only difference that can come to this unfair situation is when the other half of the world realizes she is a human too with dreams and needs, no less than any other human being. The difference is only biological, which has nothing to do with how she needs to be treated! She doesn’t have to fit in or ace perfection to satisfy societal norms.

It doesn’t make any sense when she is expected to be less and minimalistic to be a suitable match for a man. Always remember, society wants a weaker woman to fetch slavery and satisfy their ego by dominating over women. This is how generations have been treating females. Don’t fall prey to these toxic schemes.

This is one of the biggest reasons why women today don’t want to marry. Not that they don’t want to get loved and have a partner, but they don’t want to settle for anything less than they deserve. They are freaking scared of all the toxic things they are entitled to do. They frighten from having a lifestyle their mom, aunts, grandmoms had. They don’t want to spend rest of the life pretending to be happy. They are afraid of getting bounded and handcuffed by emotions and responsibility.

A woman is stubborn, self-obsessed, irresponsible, a bitch, and many names for choosing what’s best for her, for living life on her terms, for having an amazing carefree life. Women should stop giving two fu*ks about it. In this battle, she is on her own! She doesn’t have to fit in. She just has to learn to fly high.

I wonder why is she treated differently as she grows up??

Remember the days when she scored high grades and won plenty of awards in school. Where are those people who applauded her then?? Where are those communities who said she will make big names?? Just imagine the willingness and urge of winning she got. But as she grows up she is expected to shrink, control her dreams, soften her voice and follow rules? How ironic is that??

It is only because of these differences and restrictions, she turns out to be a different person around family and a completely different one when with her comfort group. Why? Because of lack of acceptance. Nobody has the guts to accept women in their real form.

Today, women make their own decisions. They fight for what they own. They don’t hesitate to win or to speak up. They dream big, take risks, mess up but still learn and move on. They are constantly telling the world – nobody is less or more. In this society where a woman is trying harder to get recognized for her ability and strength, is she getting everything she deserves??


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  1. It is such a wonderful read. I’m 21, I want to study further but all my family wants is me to get married to some stranger and somehow live with him. Nobody care what we want

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