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My Story

I’m an ambitious, strong woman who embraced the good and learned from the bad. I’m a mass media postgraduate, a freelance creative producer, a hobbyist mandala artist, a loving wife to my man, a proud daughter, and a kind human being. I’ve been a bold woman all my life and not everyone liked it because woman in my community is expected to be sensitive, shy, and weak which I could never be. There is no day I haven’t questioned, “why women have to be certain way to be accepted by the society?”. At a very young age I realized the world is unfair and biased towards women. In the country I come from, not many women gets the kind of respect and support she deserves.

At 26, I moved to the US to support my husband with absolutely no plans for myself. I left behind a large chunk of my life I was very proud of. I had plenty of time and independence in this new country and I decided to work on my dreams; one being this space #candidbrowngirl. Since then I have built a community of wonderful women and young girls where we express concerns, childhood traumas, ill-treatments in the family, toxic norms, mental health & ways to tackle them. We have helped more then 500 women in need of emotional support and heard their stories. From here, there is no looking back. My vision is to change the way how women are perceived, to empower, educate and inspire woman to be stronger. My blog will continue to speak up for the women community and spread support to every corner of the world.

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